Oil Test Centrifuge

Part Number 90000-3

This purpose-made Oil Test Centrifuge is fully programmable allowing automatic configuration to the specified oil test parameters. A four place swing out rotor and universal bucket assembly accommodates low cost adaptors and cushions suitable for borosilicate glass centrifuge tubes of the types specified for oil testing: 6 or 8 inch conical, 8 inch trace sediment, 8 inch pear-shaped or 12.5ml. To reduce errors in measurement of tube content, the rotor design allows tubes to stand in a near upright (vertical) position at rest.


  • Conforms to safety requirements IEC 1010-1; 1010-2-D
  • 4 place swing out rotor
  • Static, near vertical bucket positioning
  • Specifically designed for testing oils
  • Heated chamber, ambient to 80°C
  • Membrane ‘touch’ control panel
  • Pre-heat facility to ensure bowl is at test temperature prior to test
  • Universal buckets for 12.5ml, 6 and 8 inch glassware
  • Optional ‘Setafuge’ Hazard Reduction System
  • Microprocessor control with 99 memories
  • Optional trolley