Force Tensiometer

Force Tensiometer – K11

The precision instrument for quality assurance

Our Force Tensiometer – K11 is a precision and fully automatic instrument for the reliable measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension. With its high-quality components and simple operation, the K11 assists in the quality control and optimization of surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

Quality components for reliable results

Our Force Tensiometer – K11 measures the surface tension and interfacial tension based on the force which acts when a measuring probe is wetted. The instrument features a high-quality force sensor which ensures accurate results and high reproducibility. In the interests of precision, the probes are also manufactured with highly accurate contours. Our instrument therefore provides equally reliable results for measurements carried out using the ringplate or rod method. The K11 also enables the density of liquids to be measured accurately. This method is particularly useful for measurements using the ring method, in which the density is used to calculate the surface tension from the force. Measuring density with our K11 saves the trouble of carrying out external measurements.

The sample stage of our K11 has a high position resolution and, if required, can be moved very slowly and carefully. This enables the force maximum in ring measurements to be determined with great accuracy, and therefore makes this method highly reliable. As an option, the stage can also be moved very quickly for setting up measurements rapidly. At the same time, the large, illuminated sample chamber helps when preparing the measurement. Magnetically locking glass swing doors shield the measurement from troublesome air currents.

Our K11 has the option of accurately controlling the temperature of the samples between -10 and 130 °C. This enables thermal process conditions to be simulated, for example to optimize the addition of surfactant for a particular production step. An additional, automatic stirring function ensures optimum mixing of dispersions before measuring.

Easy and intuitive touch panel operation

Intuitive operation by means of a special touch panel is a unique feature of our K11. Our touch panel has intelligent, programmable measuring sequences for all the methods incorporated. A simple touch of a finger starts the measuring programs, the parameters of which we have optimized for the most frequent situations. The accurately controlled sequences guarantee that the measuring conditions are highly repeatable. However, the parameters can also be flexibly adjusted and applied as a user-defined standard. A reliable measuring sequence for the standardized quality assurance of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D‑971 is also included.

Our touch panel software manages the measuring results in a transparent structure. The touch panel also has a vast working memory and convenient, fast access to a very large number of storable measurements. It is also capable of producing comprehensive and clear measurement reports, sending them directly to a printer or saving them in the widely used Microsoft XPS format. Data can simply be copied from the touch panel to a USB flash drive for easy export.

Tasks and applications

  • Determination of the effectiveness of wetting media
  • Checking the surfactant content in solutions below the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
  • Measurement of interfacial tension for the quality assurance and optimization of emulsifiers
  • Decomposition product content in oils according to ASTM D‑971.
  • Tank clearance and cleaning validation in the foodstuffs industry

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension using the ring, plate and rod method
  • Interfacial tension using the ring, plate and rod method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method
  • Testing of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D‑971
  • Measuring the density of liquids
  • Measurement from -10 to 130 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor

Partner: KRUSS GmbH