Drop Shape Analyser

The universal, high-quality instrument for analyzing wetting and coating processes

Our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100 is our high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. From the basic unit for precise measurement of the contact angle to the fully automatic expert instrument for serial measurement of surface free energy (SFE) we have the suitable DSA100 for your special requirements. We exactly match the individual, flexible and reliable components to your surfaces and processes.

Flexible solutions for your tasks

We have developed all components of the DSA100 to provide solution-oriented support in the investigation and optimization of wetting and adhesion behavior. With up to three axes for sample positioning, the sample is moved quickly and reproducibly to the measuring positions. Measurement of the contact angle with up to 8 liquids ensures maximum accuracy when determining the SFE. Our pressurized double-dosing unit allows measuring the SFE extremely fast and reliable, using our novel, scientifically validated dosing technique, the Liquid Needle.

Precisely controlled temperature and humidity chambers help to provide a realistic modeling of the process conditions. Our special sample tables optimize the investigation of wafers and ultrahydrophobic surfaces. High-tech solutions for optical components enable a time-saving, automatic image setup, and measurement of extremely fast wetting processes. They also allow measurements to be made on microscopically small samples.

Quality down to the last detail

The particularly uniform LED illumination and the quality lens ensure high precision when displaying the drop for accurately measuring the contact angle or surface tension. Thanks to the large zoom range, even small drops appear with the optimum width in the video image and can, therefore, be investigated reliably. We have also provided protection for sensitive components and have minimized the troublesome effect of vibration. The high-resolution camera, the lens and the syringes and storage vessels for test liquids are mounted in a robust, enclosed housing.

It is often necessary to adjust the viewing angle before measuring the contact angle. This is achieved particularly quickly and easily with our DSA100. The position of the drop in the image remains unchanged when the viewing angle is adjusted. As a result, the otherwise usual tracking of the sample height is no longer necessary. This innovative optical arrangement also creates space for large samples.

Comprehensive analysis of solids and liquids

Our DSA100 measures the surface tension of liquids using the Pendant Drop method. The results can be used to analyze the relationship between the wetting of the solid and the liquid properties. The results help to provide a scientific picture of the interface contact, which can be used, for example, to optimize the adhesion and long-term stability of coatings. Other solutions for measuring the liquid-liquid interfacial tension, for measurements at high pressures and for surface rheology make the DSA100 a universal instrument for interface research.

ADVANCE – our intuitive software solution for your measurement tasks

The simple operation of the instrument goes hand-in-hand with the clear user guidance of our ADVANCE software. The relevant functions for each particular step are arranged in tiles which display all elements necessary in the context. By avoiding the use of menus and pop-ups, ADVANCE saves any unnecessary clicks and time-consuming searches for hidden elements. Particularly comfortable is the programming of automatic sequences that integrate the software-controlled components of the DSA100 incomplete sample analyses with maximum flexibility. Using these automation programs provides high reproducibility and reduces the user’s influence on the results to a minimum.

Tasks and applications

  • Characterization of surface pre-treatment processes
  • Investigation of the adhesion and stability of bonding and coating processes
  • Investigation of coating substances in accordance with DIN 55660
  • Checking the wettability of plastic, glass, ceramic, wood or metal
  • Quality control for wafers and microelectronics
  • Checking surface cleanliness
  • Elasticity of liquid films
  • Wetting of microscopically small surfaces

Measuring methods and options

  • Contact angle between a liquid and a solid
  • Surface free energy from contact angles of several test liquids using all common models
  • Static contact angleadvancing angle and receding angle
  • Roll-off angle on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Measurement of surface tension and liquid-liquid interfacial tension using the Pendant Drop method
  • Temperature-controlled measurements from -30 to 400°C
  • Measurements at controlled humidity
  • Surface rheological measurements (modulus of elasticity E’; modulus of viscosity E”)
  • Wetting measurements on microscopically small surfaces

Accessories (selection)

This list includes a selection of components which are not included in one of the DSA100 versions listed on the right.

  • Temperature controlled chamber for large samples from -10 to 120°C
  • Temperature controlled chamber for rapid temperature changes from -30 to 160°C
  • Temperature controlled chamber for high temperatures up to 400°C
  • High-temperature dosing unit up to 400°C
  • Module for controlling humidity
  • Tilting tables
  • Large instrument frame for large samples
  • Special sample holders, for example for cylindrical samples, films, contact lenses or powders
  • Dosing accessory for Captive Bubble measurements or measurement of the liquid-liquid interfacial tension
  • Dosing units for drops of a few picoliters
  • Module for characterizing the surface rheological properties of liquids

Partner: KRUSS GmbH