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  • CANNON Instruments introduces CAV 4.2 Fully Automatic Dual bath Kinematic Viscometer 10/03/2016
    CANNON Instrument company world leader in Kinematic Viscosity measurements introduces fully Automatic Dual independent bath Kinematic viscometer CAV 4,2, See CAV 4.2 in action at Stand 484 in Arablab 2016
  • CANNON Instrument introduces TESC Thermoelectric Sample Condition system 01/03/2016
    CANNON Instruments, world leader in Kinematic Viscosity instruments introduces Compact, Economical TESC (Thermoelectric Sample conditioner) integrates and automates the entire ASTM D2983 conditioning and testing process for low temperature viscosity of Lubricants, Gear Oil and ATF by Brookfield Viscometer. See TESC in action at ARABLAB 2016 Stand no 484.
  • See us in ArabLab 2016 01/01/2016
    See us at booth no 484 in ARABLAB 2016 from March 20-23, 2016
DSC 131 Evo  

A Highly robust and easy to use Differential Scanning Calorimeter for routine applications.

System can be setup in minutes. Very low running cost.

Temperature range -170 to 700 C

Programable Temp. Scan. rate 0.01 to 100 C

Choice of two Gases- One at a time can be selected.

Applicatiuons - polymers and plastics (characterization,
quality control), Organic and pharmaceutical compounds (polymorphism,
purity, thermal stability), Inorganic substances (dehydratation, transition, decomposition), Metals (transition)... from the raw to transformed materials.
For training of students in the thermodynamic principles of phase change (fusion, crystallization, evaporation), transition (glass transition, order-disorder transition), reaction kinetics (polymerization, decomposition), or heat capacity.



  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
    DSC 131 Evo

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